If you want to fix the finished makeup, pay attention to the ‘Waterproof’ item. In recent years, products that enhance the sustainability of the product have been launched in succession, making it a perfect spot for daily and water park makeups.

◇ Panda NO! How to increase eye makeup sustainability

3M Under Sink Water Purifier

Liquid type eyeliner is the strongest in water? Most make-up artists unexpectedly say pencil-type waterproof eyeliner has a strong sustainability. The pencil-type oil base forms a thin film film that provides a strong long-lasting effect that is not erased in water.

Apply a thin, lightweight, creamy eye shadow to your face, then apply eye lines with a waterproof pencil eyeliner to keep your skin looking bright and clear.

WaterProf can only think of products that are water-resistant. For perfect make-up, we recommend you check to see if you can protect your body from sweat and oil.

If you are worried about spreading mascara, I recommend transparent mascara. If you have a fix that fixes eyelash curls without sagging, it’s a good idea. If you use only one, it will make your eyes look natural and clear, as if you have not made eye makeup. If you apply after using color mascara, it will prevent coatings from forming under the eyes and spreading powder.

Lip, base makeup is also required waterproof

The point of Water Proof Lip Makeup is not to blend. Waterproof lipsticks should be dried with the lips open, as the volatile oil in the product can blow off and the lips can stick together. Using brushes is also a way to increase sustainability.

The essence of bass waterproof makeup is ‘adhesion’. It is recommended to use a product with a light weight but high adhesion because the makeup becomes thick when it is applied. At this time, waterproofing is also recommended for ultraviolet protection, which is the basis of summer makeup.

If you are concerned that the makeup will be pushed off by suntan lotion, it is useful to mix foundation and waterproof concealer. Apply a liquid form waterproof concealer to the dark circles and dull areas using a brush as a point.

If you need a stronger cover, we recommend using a liquid type concealer, but if not, a more matt solid type waterproof concealer.