The worst thing to do during summer is excessive sebum and sweat! I feel sad when the make-up that I completed hard spreads and flows down. I’ll let you know how to keep your hot summer skin smooth.

1. Catching pores with cold skin cotton
Put the makeup cotton with the skin in the zipper bag and store it in the refrigerator. We recommend using the bars in order. Cold skin cotton touches the skin Shrinks the pores instantly to reduce sebum secretion I have it. Afterwards, you can finish the make-up with a much fresher feeling.

2. Increase water and reduce oil
I think the skin is not dry because it sweats a lot in summer. It’s easy. However, because of sweating, the amount of water released increases the skin’s moisture content. Therefore, the product that supplies water before makeup It is best to reduce the amount of oily or nutritious cream that is well-balanced, to half its usage.

3. Check the silicone ingredients in the foundation
When choosing a foundation or cushion fact product, take the second or fourth component silicone It is a good idea to check if it contains dimethicone. Since the silicone component acts as a sponge that adsorbs sebum, You can cover pores. In addition, the natural mat You can make makeup without using it.

4. Use a powder type rather than a liquid type!
Eye Shadow, Highlighter, Conchal, Shading, etc. are liquid type products a lot. However, these liquid-type products are actively secreted in summer There is a drawback that it is easy to mix with sweat and sebum. The actual size of pores also Because it is bigger, it is powder type product which catches grease in summer It is recommended to use.

5. Use eye makeup as a waterproof item!
In the summer, it is cooler and smoother skin expression than excessive color makeup. It is cooler to give points using crisp and clear eyeliner. It gives. When you give points with eye make-up, it is a product that is resistant to water and sweat. You must use. It is a way to prevent eye make-up smearing by giving only points behind the eyes.